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We at CamdenRoad.co.uk are here to help bring all the shops and business together on the World Wide Web. This site is for you as Tunbridge Wellians to recognise the full potential of Camden Road. Camden Road has some great history and is only waiting for you to come and explore some of the great hidden secrets it has.

CamdenRoad.co.uk has been developed and designed by Larrytech Internet Services, also situated at right at the end of Camden road with its HQ in Calverley House. Larrytech is not a stranger to Camden Road as it has worked with businesses in the past along the street, many of which valued customers.


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EAT Camden Road has a wide variety of places to eat with cuisine from all around the world, ranging from small cafés to European, Asian and Eastern European foods. It's perfect whether you're looking for a quick snack or a sit-down meal.
DRINK Need a drink to unwind
at the end of a hard day? Camden Road has a great selection of pubs and bars with good food and beer gardens to sit and relax. Feel free to browse the site to find the pub or bar to suit you.
SHOP Camden Road is a vibrant collection of independent businesses, whether you're looking for a haircut, herbal remedies, acupuncture, the latest music, model aeroplanes, contemporary furniture or the latest high speed road bike.